Thursday, June 26, 2008

The felted purse is done!

After shelving this felted purse project for a while... I finally finished it yesterday. The Tuesday knitters convinced me not to pull the whole thing apart and start over. Instead, I pretty much just added the strap, felted it and will have a zipper along the top to close the purse.

However, this presented a new problem: If I can't work on this project during my very long flight to Ireland tomorrow, then what will I work on? I don't want to finish the socks, because I have to go through Heathrow, and I'm sure the pointy, little, metal needles would get confiscated there. This purse on the other hand uses rather large, circular needles and mine are made of bamboo which is not particularly sharp. So naturally, I will take those and start a new purse in different colors... and I may stick to the pattern this time so I won't run out of yarn.


  1. That purse looks horrible. You should never knit again!

    PS I'm trying to shame you out of the group so you stop making us all look bad because your knitting is AWESOME! Did my shaming tactics work? Well, I don't want you to leave anyway!

  2. It looks awesome! I am so glad you didn't frog it.