Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday 5: Tastes

  1. What’s too spicy for your tastes? Not much, unless it actually hurts my tongue.
  2. What’s too sweet for your tastes? Any drink with even a drop of sugar. And any sweets that have more sugar than fat.
  3. What’s too salty for your tastes? Most pre-packaged food has too much salt and not enough flavor for me. Stuff like Rice-a-roni and Kraft mac&cheese...
  4. What’s too bitter for your tastes? Hmmm... when I crack open a pecan and can't separate out the little part of the shell that gets stuck in the wrinkles of the nut... that's so bitter, it ruins the nut.
  5. What’s too sour for your tastes? Nothing. I've been eating the tart cherries right off the tree to see if they're ripe. When they're not quite ripe, it puckers me right up, but I still like them.

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