Monday, July 14, 2008

Headlines only - full stories later

Just returned from Ireland at 1am today. I love how traveling 7 timezones west makes me wake up easily at the crack of dawn... but I could use some more sleep.

Upon my return home, I found it absolutely necessary to first tend the garden which had become overrun with weeds and basil. If anybody wants a basil plant, come and get one. I'll bring a bunch in plastic pots to SnB tomorrow. Sorry, I already threw away the weeds, but if you want weeds, stop by anytime :)

Related to Ireland and the garden... immediately upon arriving in Ireland, I realized that nearly every meal included tomatoes (cooked for breakfast, sliced on sandwiches, in side salads...), and I realized just how much I missed eating tomatoes since the salmonella scare. While pulling weeds out of the garden this morning, I discovered 3 ripe roma tomatoes and 4 jalapenos. I'm so excited!

It's only 8 weeks 'til the Chips n Salsa 10k run. I'm going for time, so I have an Intermediate runner's training schedule which I start tomorrow... at the crack of dawn.

I'll write more later about Ireland, especially after I have photos available. The quick summary: It's green, but rocky. It rained everyday. The stores sell cute summer dresses, but people wear sweaters and scarves in July. I walked and walked and walked... and ate lots of fish and chips (probably the only meal that does NOT include tomatoes).

There are many sheep in Ireland, and I bought wool yarn by the kilo. Okay, only 1.4 kilos. Most stores prefer to sell their wool in the form of sweaters, not yarn. But where's the fun in that? I also managed to nearly-finish another project during the trip. Just some finishing touches to do now that I'm at home with the rest of my knitting tools.

Enough for now, I'll fill in more details on stuff later.


  1. YAY You're back! See you Tuesday:)

  2. Welcome back! I hope you had a lot of fun!

    I will totally take some basil. See you tonight!