Thursday, April 17, 2008

Problem project

Our digital camera did a great job of capturing all that pretty orange/red sand in Sedona, Escalante, and Lake Powell last month... literally. I can't get the sand back out of the camera and the camera lens won't open and close properly, hence the camera won't take any more pictures. I have gotten my hands on a replacement camera, so here are some pictures of my latest problem, uhhh, project.

I'm working on my second felted purse. I found this pattern which reminded me of a purse I bought many years ago in Peru which was absolutely the perfect size for me. At some point, the Peruvian purse wore out, and I've been searching for the perfect purse ever since. As I've been knitting this new purse, I've been worried about the size since it looks huge (even given that it will shrink when felted) compare with the purse that I now carry which I think is already too big.
That didn't deter me from just going ahead and seeing how it turns out. Of course, I am also running out of yarn and I have at least 20 more rows to do. I don't think it'll make it, and I don't know when I'll be in Taos again to buy a matching skein.
Then, yesterday, I discovered this mis-alignment in the pattern. I'm not entirely sure how happened, or why I didn't notice until yesterday. It looks like the problem stems from how Ithis picked up stitches around the very bottom of the purse.

With 3 strikes against it, I'm tempted to pull the whole thing out and start over. Now I'm used to ripping out my projects several times before finishing, but somehow it seems tougher this time because I was so close to the end. On the bright side... the slower I knit, the fewer projects I can do and the less yarn I need to buy. Maybe I should just go back to cross-stitch.


  1. Really, it'll felt down a lot! you could stripe the handle(s?) in the green and red, if you're worried about running out of yarn.

  2. Wow, you are really do color work. Really, you are quite a talented beginner.

  3. seriously, don't pull it out! There are some people who would not agree with me but I'm one of those types that go for the imperfections because it makes it real. Now, if it were huge then maybe go for it but I've been working on a felted bag with color work and I bet the whole pattern is messed up but I'm just going on anyway! HA HA!! It really looks great. And Nichole is right, it will felt down a TON!