Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Drip System: Phase I complete

I've spent endless hours in the last couple of weeks converting our in-ground sprinkler system to a drip system. Most of it was pretty easy, especially laying the tubing and putting drip emitters in the tubing. We had to build the entire head assembly, which includes an electric valve, filter, backflow prevention valve and pressure regulator. I was expecting that half of those things would have already been part of the sprinkler system, but they weren't. It would have been easier and less leaky to get a plumber for that part, but hopefully we can tighten it up and get rid of the leaks now. This is just Phase I, because I still need to lay a whole new system in the backyard, where there currently is no sprinkler system. It will involve more digging of trenches to lay tubing, but there will be no need for a plumber because all of the valves will attach to the faucet.

Unrelated to that, yesterday was the third Tuesday in a row that I had to fill up my motorcycle tank. Which means that I'm riding it a lot more than I used to (and I haven't been on any joyrides recently). Maybe it's because of the cost of gas... at 70mpg, I really do use a lot less gas compared to my 25mpg car. But it may just be because of the large saddle bags I added recently, so I actually can carry stuff around and stash my riding jacket in the bag.


  1. Wow- I don't know if I would tackle a drip system all by myself! Well, wait, who am I really kidding, I probably would. Way to go, though!

  2. and when you say "saddle bags" are you referring to your motorcycle or your hips? I'm going to assume you meant the bike.
    he he!