Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Alternative Exercise Week

While everybody else is concerned about alternative energy and transportation these days, I'm more worried about getting exercise everyday. So this is my personal Alternative Exercise Week.

My post-surgery get-back-into-shape plan was quite successful. It started in February and culminated in running the Zoo 10k. However, without a current running goal, it's been tough to get motivate to run every morning. Usually when this happens, I rely on exercising in the middle of the day at the gym (one perk of being a student). Yet, the end of the semester means that the treadmills, bike machines, and resistance machines are out of service for a few weeks (one drawback of a college gym).

So I'm looking for other ways to incorporate exercise into my day. On Monday, I walked to all of my appointments which added up to about 3 miles. On Tuesday, I swam laps (which I haven't done in years) at the gym during lunchtime. Today, I bicycled the 6 miles to work... and will have to bicycle back. On Friday, I'll play racquetball with a friend if I can find my racket.
On Saturday, I'll canoe the Rio Grande as part of the Great Race. But I don't know what to do tomorrow... I may just have to run in the morning like I used to do.

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