Monday, January 7, 2008

New Project

I will post some recently completed projects soon (once I get pictures of them). In the meantime, it is finally time for me to start a cross stitch pattern which I bought a couple of years ago at a great little shop in Victoria, BC. It's a design from Stitching Studios.

It's one of the most dramatic cross stitch patterns I've ever seen. So I am very excited to work on it, although my mom warned me that working on black cloth will be tough. We'll see how well it travels with me to Maryland this week. I better get it started before leaving. Maybe the dim light on the airplane won't be good enough for black cloth, but I hate to lose all that great stitching time on the airplane.

This photo is from October. It is not so warm here right now that I can sit on the patio and stitch. But I couldn't resist posting this picture anyway. I wish it were warm enough to sit outside to eat my breakfast like I usually do. On the other hand, this weather is good for skiing.