Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Zoo Run

I have never been to the Albuquerque Zoo, yet I dutifully Run for the Zoo year after year. This year, I did the 10k in 66 minutes. Then we had a delicious breakfast at Cecilia's on Silver, which I never knew existed even though it is a mere block from Flying Star. Then my running partner went back out to do the 1-mile Fun Run with her kids and husband. For my part, I haven't run since that day... even though I now have a new goal => to run the Chips & Salsa 10k in under an hour. I have a few months to get ready for that as it's in September.


  1. You've NEVER been to the zoo?! What's WRONG with you?! It's so awesome!

    Congrats, too, on your run! We missed you at knitting last night.

  2. I've never been to THIS zoo. But I have been to other zoos.

    Ironically, I could have gone to the zoo for free after finishing my run... but then it's too crowded.