Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top name ideas

In response to everyone's comments from the previous post: Her color is best described like a light dusting of snow on a red sandstone desert. If you've been fortunate enough to be in the 4-corners area during a winter snow... you have the right picture. Of course, these deserts always have a hint of green sage, cacti or junipers, so I'm getting her all green accessories (collar, bed, etc...)

Here are the top name ideas we have (in no particular order):

Autumn - for her color and the time of year of the adoption
Cherry Bomb - or just Cherry because she's sweet
Cayenne - the first name I thought of that I really liked... but Troy doesn't like it.
Sedona - for her red dirt coloring
Lucy - after the famous redhead Lucille Ball

There's more, but I can't think of them now. As you can see, nearly every name has something to do with her orange-red color. We could consider non-color names. But so far I haven't thought of many that I like.


  1. I vote for pumpkin for two reasons:
    1) it's a food and a color
    2) I thought of it

  2. Butler has only one thing to say:

    Poor Wylie....

    Yay for the new dog! Its always good to get sprung from doggie jail.

    You can always go with a random name that the boy (who in this case, didn't want the dog) picks, which has no reason behind it whatsoever. Poor Butler.