Sunday, September 21, 2008

For Knitting Geeks

I'm trying to finish up my Sorta Secret Sweater* and couldn't decide whether to follow the instructions in the pattern or do something different. In the pattern, I'm supposed to pick-up stitches all around the front edges of the cardigan, neck and bottom, then bind off. However, this will require a circular needle which I do not have. That problem was easily solved by ordering KnitPicks' interchangeable circular needle set.

The other problem is that the bottom edge of the sweater rolls up and doesn't look very nice. I tried to get the Tuesday Ladies to tell me how to deal with this, but SavingNine would just insist that I should try out the alternatives on my gauge sample. Of course, my gauge sample no longer exists. So I read a knitting book which recommends two rows of single-crochet along the cast-on or bind-off edge. I finally knit up a new swatch and tried out the options:The top edge is what the pattern recommends: pick up stitches and bind-off. Clearly, this edge insists on rolling. So I'm going with the bottom edge: two rows of single-crochet for the bottom of the sweater. For the sides, I like the picked-up stitches (left edge). Binding off there looks like a much neater column of stockinette stitches. The right edge is single-crochet which looks messy to me. The problem with single-crochet on a selvedge is that it creates sideways v's (they're perpendicular to the stockinette v's).

*I was going to call it a Super Secret Sweater, but then realized that anything posted to a public blog is not really secret, so I needed a new aliteration.


  1. I am not a knitting geek, but I agree with your choices! The left and the bottom look nice and tidy toa layman's eye.