Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The naming continues...

I forgot to include these two names which are also top contenders:
Ginger - ala Ginger Rogers
Vixen - she looks very much like a fox and according to Hubbers a vixen is a female fox (I didn't know that). It's also a reindeer name like the name Dancer which the shelter gave her.

I just discovered that she can hop over a 4-ft adobe wall like it's not there. She looked rather cat-like while doing it. And she had a great time rolling around in our neighbor's yarrow, which makes her smell like she just had an herbal treatment at the spa. We're working on training her to stay in the yard, just like Wiley, since the walls won't keep her in. Fortunately, our neighbors are quite friendly about that sort of thing.

Wiley seems to be smiling more often now that he has a playmate. She's actually quite mellow and she's smaller than Wiley so he's not intimidated by her. She doesn't disturb him while he's napping and she never invades his space. But she is tearing apart his toys which he no longer plays with. She's still getting over her shyness with us (she is a few years old and has had at least two previous homes), so I don't think we've seen her full personality yet.

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  1. Hmm. Vixen does sound nice with Wiley. "And these are our dogs, Wiley and Vixen..." This is the test I am currently using for choosing baby names, i.e. does it "go" with the sibling's name without sounding too theme-y?