Sunday, September 7, 2008

Productive Weekend

I feel like I got a lot done this weekend:
  • Walked in the State Fair parade for the Re-elect Jason Marks Campaign.
  • 19 new plants in the ground (Plants of the SW had a great sale), and requisite drippers put into place.
  • 7 pounds of tomatoes harvested and turned into 6 pints of salsa. I can't believe how frustrating it is to can stuff, and I keep trying it again thinking MAYBE this time I actually have enough tomatoes to make a worthwhile amount of salsa... but no. At least it tastes good.
  • Ran 3 miles.
If you're really paying attention, you may be asking "Hey, weren't you supposed to run a 10k today?" The answer is that I had been training for a 10k, but I had to abandon it two weeks ago due to allergies, and then couldn't get back into it because my left leg became incredibly sore. It's all better now, so the next running goal is the Duke City Marathon Relay in October where I'll do a 6.2-mile leg.

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