Friday, February 12, 2010

What Knitters do in Winter

My posts about knitting generate the most comments, but I haven't posted any knitting in nearly a year. Is that because I'm not knitting? No, here's what this winter inspired me to do...

Hey, Eureka is shivering, she needs a sweater.

Hey, my neck is cold while riding the scooter.

Wow, that was fun to make... somebody else's neck might get cold on her motorcycle.

My running buddy might get cold ears, here's something for her.

Hey Hubbers, who else would want one of these? You would? But not as thick?

Now my neck's warm, but my legs are cold on the scooter.

Hmmm... my ears might get cold if I start doing a lot of cycling.

Far more details on each of these can be found on Ravelry. All of these small things have been started and finished during winter, unlike a certain sweater that I started in September and hoped to wear this winter. More on that disastrous project later.


  1. Whoa you've been busy knitting! You are one clever gal, coming up with the various body-part-warmers. LOVE the legwarmers! Eureka looks cute in that coat.

  2. I love all the different warmers! (And yes, I always comment on knitting posts.) And who's your friend who might need the neck warmer on her motorcycle? Or, how shall I put this, I WANT IT! Love the purple and green combo. Those bright greeny yellow buttons would look so nice with my bright greeny yellow fleece gloves...

  3. Sorry, I gave the neckwarmer to my sister. I'll see if I have any more purple yarn left :)