Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The Mount Taylor Quadrathlon happens every President's Day Weekend in Grants, NM. Here's the deal:
  • 13-mile bike, with 1700-foot climb
  • 5-mile run, with 1250-foot climb
  • 2-mile x-country ski, climbing 1200 feet
  • 1-mile snow shoe, climbing 600 feet
  • Now turn around and do it all back to the start
Every year, I say I'll get a team together to do this as a relay... and every year there's some obstacle. This year, I simply forgot about it. Coincidentally, last weekend I biked on Saturday, skied on Sunday and ran on Monday... so I was just one sport shy of doing my own personal quadrathlon over 3 days.

I always thought I'd do any part of this relay other than the bike ride because I didn't have the right equipment. Now I am well equipped for the bike, but no longer equipped for the run... so I'll do any of these sports except the run. Who wants to join me next year?

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