Thursday, February 25, 2010

2-Wheel Commute

The hardest thing about commuting on two wheels is getting the motor started in the morning.

I have two different two-wheel vehicles that I commute with... one with it's own motor, the other uses my legs for the motor. Either way, sometimes the motor doesn't want to start on cold mornings. I may be able to fix that problem on the scooter by getting a new battery. As for the bicycle, I'm fortunate enough to have the time to eat a decent breakfast and have a warm cup of coffee at home before I need to commute. I rarely need to be on campus before 10am, so I can wait until it warms up a bit outside.

I'm going to try to do only 2-wheel commuting the rest of this semester. Cold doesn't really stop me, but precipitation does, especially snow. The problem is that if I drive a 4-wheel vehicle, I have to park far away and then walk to campus through the rain/snow, so it's not much better. On the other hand, the bus (how many wheels?) takes longer than riding the bicycle because I have to change buses downtown. so I may still end up driving the car on rainy/snowy days.

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