Friday, October 3, 2008


After watching all her shenanigans yesterday, I had to name her Vixen. It came down to a decision between Cherry and Vixen. I also realized that nearly every dog in the neighborhood has a 2-syllable name ending in "y": Wiley, Daisy, Sparky, Rocky, Baby, Candy, Holly... and Boo (I said Nearly every dog). Enough's enough! So she's Vixen. Besides, I have a fondness for reindeer names since one of my best dog-friends ever, Dasher, had a reindeer name.

Honestly, I call Wiley "Doggers" more often than I call him Wiley. So once Vixen learns her real name, I can also give her a nickname... maybe Cherry :)

Next week I'll have to think of something other than dogs to write about. That shouldn't be too hard since I'm headed up to the Taos Wool Festival this weekend, yay!


  1. What the heck?!?! Everyone voted for Pumpkin in the first post!

    Actually, I don't really care that much. There was no reason I came up with just popped into my head because I wanted to be clever.

  2. Yeah, in the end I completely ignored popular opinion. Only GutsyMom said she liked the name Vixen.

    It's only taken a couple days for her to learn her name. She even responded to a 5-year-old calling "Vis-skin... Vis-skin..." last weekend.