Monday, July 21, 2008

More photos and stuff

About 2/3rds of the photos from Ireland are up on Flickr. I hit my monthly upload limit, so you'll have to wait until August 1 to see the rest.

I did not manage to get my todo list done over the weekend. Most of the first item (organizing) is done, but I can't figure out where to put all the new yarn. The third item (felting) was done by hand in the sink, so that I would not need the zippered pillow case (item 2) which I failed to even start making. Maybe tonight I'll do some sewing.

Here's a list of unfinished projects that I found while attempting organization:
  1. Several pants to be hemmed.
  2. Several buttons to be re-attached.
  3. Felt ornament kits from Christmas clearance.
  4. Tye-die shirt kit from last Christmas.
  5. Souvenir quilt kit from Hawaii last summer.
  6. Souvenir salmon cross-stitch from Victoria, BC which I bought 2 years ago - and just started working on it last January.
  7. Souvenir troll cross-stitch from Norway in 2001 - hey, it's half done!
But I'm not making any promises to work on these things... I'm just listing them for entertainment purposes.

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  1. Hey, I look at is as just having a lot of options for when I'm bored.

    Hope I'll see you tonight!