Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The fallen giant

This is the best garden I've ever had. Look at the great vegetables I'm getting! Those are orange blossom tomatoes, roma tomatoes and a jalapeno. I also have plenty of herbs.

However, on Monday my sunflower fell over in during a thunderstorm. This is not a plant with a single giant flower at the top like those that Kansas is famous for. Instead, it is a 10-ft tall, 6-ft diameter bush full of 4-inch flowers. I trimmed it back recently because it was towering over the cherry tree and crowding it. When it fell, it landed on a prairie zinnia, lavender, yucca and a few tomatoes. Fortunately, the most resilient plants took the brunt of the impact. I pulled it out of the garden and let it dry out in the yard while the birds salvage the seeds.

The leaves a gaping hole in the garden... but that solves my overcrowding problem. I just need to move a few things around and it seems like things have a way of working themselves out.

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