Thursday, January 1, 2009


I was first inspired to start this blog a year and a half ago by all the knitters that I know. And so I will revive it with several posts on knitting. Some travel and some other crafts may find their way back in here again as well.

This past fall, I knitted several gifts which understandably did not go on the blog at the time. So here's the first of many projects that are already done and gifted...

My first attempt at a sweater was a baby sweater for my nephew's 1st birthday. I was advised to make it the 2-year-old size so it would fit him for a while. So I searched for cute sweaters, and found a cardigan with paw prints. I didn't think that intarsia with 2 colors would be too difficult. However, I didn't realize until I was knitting that I needed 8 separate bobbins to make those 4 pawprints. The fact that there were 2 colors did not matter as much as the fact that there were 8 blocks of color. And I did most of this on an airplane :)

Here's the completed sweater. For more details on the pattern, yarn, modifications, etc... you can check out my Ravelry project page.
Not surprisingly, this gift was not nearly as exciting to the nephew as his big dump truck :) However, it's clearly big enough to last him 2 winters.
And here's a preview of things to come on the blog (I can't stop myself from actually writing the list forming in my head):
- more gift knits, including what happened to that kool-aid yarn and all that Irish yarn
- project ideas that I tried but couldn't get to work
- knitting and cross-stitch projects on the queue
- travel notes
- grad school ranting

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