Sunday, January 11, 2009

More FOs

Here are a few more items that I finished knitting recently. The purple and white dog-bone pillow was a "holiday" gift... it didn't get done until January, but that sometimes happens :) The white side is the last of the Irish yarn. The purple stripes happened thanks to my inability to decide between the two shades of purple. The whole thing was felted then stuffed to make it into a pillow.Just before Xmas, I had some leftover yarn and an idea. Thus, I created from scratch a little holder for all those cards sitting in my purse. I was rather excited that I was able to envision such a thing, and several hours later I turned a little ball of yarn (plus a square of velcro) into my vision.
Finally, I just finished this hat for myself which I also started before Xmas. It's made of hand-dyed Mohair from Lonesome Stone. I love the colors! Now I have enough yarn left over to make two more of these hats... or something else, ideas?
This blog makes it look like I've been a knitting machine lately. However, I simply stopped posting any finished objects after August. These things were worked on over the past several months and they are relatively small items.


  1. How 'bout a matching scarf and hand warmers??

  2. My favorites are the pawprint sweater (SO CUTE), the hat with the cable around the rim, and the gorgeous cable scarf. I know I will have to wait at least 3 years to bribe you into making me one, given all the projects you have lined up, but a girl can dream, can't she?

  3. Oh that hat looks so soft and pretty! I've seen that yarn company before but never have indulges. Pretty colors!