Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Year

A year ago, on August 24 to be exact, I went to the doctor because something seemed wrong in my abdomen. After many more appointments and a surgery, it was determined that I had a rather large, benign, uterine tumor which was removed. I bring this up today because very recently, I received and paid the final bill for this illness. Why did it take a full year to pay for this? It had nothing to do with me paying installments, I simply never received this bill until now. That's apparently how long it can take a hospital and an insurance company to muddle through all their paperwork. I'm glad I'm not an accountant for a hospital.

During this past year, I've managed to recover completely from the surgery. In yoga class yesterday, I discovered that I'm more flexible than the average UNM student that signs up for Intermediate Yoga. And I haven't had any problems running, even doing speedwork. It may be time to start rock climbing again.


  1. It takes them a really long time to notice when you're NOT paying a bill, too. Which I am totally okay with.

    Way to be healthy! Go you! See you Tuesday!

  2. Diane! I just caught up with your blog today and I love it! I love the New Mexican stuff and the scarf looks AWESOME!! I'm going to have to try that one next. I'm so glad that you are healthy:) and that you are not paying any more bills.