Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Name that hike (part 2)

Nobody was able to guess where January's hike was. In that photo, I'm sitting on a hilltop in Maryland, looking down at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia below, and the mountains in the background on the left are in Virginia. You can tell by my leather jacket and running shoes that I wasn't really expecting to do much hiking on this trip. There was no room in the suitcase for proper boots and warm, breathable clothing.

I intended to share a hike a month, but amazingly, I did not hike in the whole month of February. I made up for that in March. So... name where this hike is:

Hey, it's even got a trail sign to give you a hint! However, you may not trust a trail sign that labels this an "easy" hike.

In an unrelated matter, somebody asked about what "fartlek" is (in my run training program). I asked the same question when I first downloaded that running schedule. It's Swedish for "speed play". It's a speed-training run, where the intervals are random (run as fast as you can to the next tree, then go slow to the next stop sign...). I have been doing my own speed intervals according to a more strict regimen on the treadmill where I'm forced to keep an exact pace. This keeps me entertained while I run on the treadmill which is inherently mind-numbingly dull. But I like my treadmill time because it's more fun than anything else I can do with my 90 minutes between classes twice a week. And I think keeping to that schedule of exercising during the day helped me lose 5 pounds in the past 5 weeks.

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  1. You could knit in between classes. That's more fun than running...ha ha ha!! But don't take it from me because I'll just end up hanging the door upside down.