Thursday, April 24, 2008

I guess I had it coming...

On Tuesday morning, as I was stuffing my knitting bag into the saddle bag (it's not really a "bag", but a "case" of hard, but thin, plastic with a metal frame) on my motorcycle, I heard a "snap". My first thought was that I broke the saddle bag or one of the screws holding it in place. This has happened before and can be fixed. But then I realized that I just might have actually snapped a small bamboo knitting needle. It was in fact the knitting needle that broke. And I can't fix a knitting needle so this was very upsetting. I wished it had been the saddle bag that snapped.

On Wednesday morning, after parking on campus, I noticed one of my saddle bags barely hanging on by a single screw. I'm lucky it didn't fall off on the road. I bungeed it back together to get home in the evening, but upon closer inspection discovered that the welding on the metal frame is what broke. I can't fix that, and it's not clear if anybody else can either because there is very little metal left to weld onto. So now I have a broken knitting needle and only one saddle bag on the motorcycle (yes, it looks dorky). Oddly, the saddle bag that was involved in the knitting needle accident is NOT the broken saddle bag.

This photo has nothing to do with yesterday. It's just the best picture I have of me on my bike. And it's from before I added the saddle bags.


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  2. Awww. That's never fun, breaking things. You could knit yourself a new felted saddle bag, maybe....

  3. Now I'm sure you wished you didn't wish that the saddle bag was broken! And you look so bad ass on your bike:) I like Nichole's idea of knitting a felted saddle bag!