Thursday, March 26, 2009

Granby hat and scarf

Soon, I will be home where the internet flows freely... well okay, I pay for it to flow at a specified bandwidth that I share with only one other person (Hubbers). I will not miss the frustration of sharing wifi with a whole building full of people and without somebody to hit "reset" on the router when it needs it. This is my excuse for not keeping up with the blog. It has just been too painful. Almost as painful as sharing a single washer/dryer with the whole building.

A while ago, I mentioned that I went to Lonesome Stone and got some new yarn to go with some previously-stashed yarn. So here's the deal. I knit this hat from their beautifully hand-dyed baby kid mohair:
However, I have no scarf that does not horribly clash with this hat. But a scarf made of the same yarn seemed a bit much. This stuff is just too bright and fuzzy. Here's where the new naturally-brown alpaca yarn comes in:
The brown was supposed to tone down the orange. Instead, it highlighted all those minor tones of blue and red. At any rate, it screams a bit less loudly. The pattern is the Anthro-inspired scarflet.Now putting the original hat with this, still looked too bright and fuzzy. Therefore, I needed a new hat to go with the new scarf (how circular). The first hat was too small anyway, so it makes a great ski-helmet-liner. Here's the new hat (pattern: Amanda hat from Sleepy Eyes Knitting).
Now if I just had a pair of gloves made from that brown alpaca, it would be complete. But I used up all of that yarn... maybe next winter.

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  1. I think you could earn extra money taking photographs of yarn and knitted items for knitting magazines or websites. The lighting in your photos always makes the yarn look so yummy... it makes me want to knit!