Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hubbers is on sabbatical through August. This means he has a book to write, but otherwise is not required to do all the other things that professors usually do. And I no longer have to take classes (because I passed my comps, yay!) So, we're both taking advantage of the "not-attached-to-campus" status by spending some time in Winter Park, Colorado where we should have a view like:
Some people are calling this our re-enactment of The Shining. If one of the dogs starts muttering "red rum", I'll know what it means. Actually, our lodgings should not be a deserted hotel: the description makes it sound quite lively and not rustic.

Here's my favorite part about the description of the condo we'll be living in:
1br 1 bath sleeps 6 comfortably.
Hah! Clearly, someone has a different idea of comfort than I do :) Okay, so it wouldn't be too uncomfortable if you wanted to come visit... we have room for 4 more people. We'll be there Feb 15 - March 31. As for contacting us while we're there, just use the usual cell phones, email, FB, Skype, comments on this blog...

Oh, I should mention that I am now moderating comments on old blog posts due to a splattering of spam comments that appeared one day. So if you make a comment on an old post, it may take a while for it to show up.

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  1. Oh how fun! That'a great place to spend a month. Be sure and check out Hot Sulphur Springs just down the road. If you take a trip into Denver the art museum is fantastic, the downtown public library often had interesting literary and art exhibits. Stop in Golden, where I'm from, and take the Coors tour (cheesy but fun, walk along Clear Creek and peruse the shops along Washington St (the Main St). Golden City Brewery can't be missed. If you bring your climbing gear there's warm, sunny sport climbing atop North Table Mesa in Golden. I can hook you up with climbing partners/hiking partners if you like. Winter Park is so pretty! Steamboat would be a fun trip as well. Some of the best XC skiing I've done is along Peru Creek in Keystone. There's the Nordic Center in W. Park.

    Sounds like a stellar opportunity! I'm looking forward to seeing what you post in the next month. I'm loving exploring CA. But...can you tell I miss home?