Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We have settled, somewhat, into Granby, Colorado. Unfortunately, we discovered upon arrival that the promised high-speed internet is only available in the lobby, not in the condo itself. This was not what we were expecting, but the lobby is rather large and nice... and full of people with laptops :) I also discovered that I can get WiFi at any lodge at Winter Park, even the warming hut at 11,000 ft.

Going to the lobby for the internet gives us an excuse to sit in separate rooms anyway. Hubbers is in the condo writing about cannibilism, while I sit in the lobby crunching data and downloading articles (and doing social stuff).

I have not found where our camera was packed yet, so I have no photos to post. I hate blog posts without photos. Hopefully a lousy, photoless post is better than nothing.

So far, we've done some skiing at Winter Park and Mary Jane. Mostly greens, blues, a few blue-blacks (who knew they existed?), and one or two blacks. Today was an incredible day for powder. Tomorrow should be too.

The dogs know their way around the parking lot for their 4 walks a day. They aren't so sure about the condo life. In particular, the spiral staircase up to the loft is rather tricky. Vixen just made her way down it on her own for the first time today. She's still learning to go up the stairs without bailing out halfway. Wiley has previous experience with spiral staircases, knows he doesn't like them, and uses his handicap to beg for a carry up and down the stairs. He just got another steroid injection for his back-leg semi-paralysis from a vet in Granby, so his handicap should lessen. The condo has helped Vixen to silence her barking even more. She's practicing other ways to get our attention.

Between working, skiing and walking the dogs we've been pretty busy. There seems to be a lot of other stuff to do around here, but I don't know when we'll find the time.

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