Sunday, November 9, 2008

This week

It's been a rather overwhelming week... but not much to take pictures of. So enjoy a few shots of dogs. First, the very photogenic Vixen showing off her colors. Then Wiley, who is now officially retired from running, jumping, and climbing mountains. It's very sad, but the vet says his spine is degenerating and he already has lost some control of his hind leg. Last, is Kiko who was visiting for the weekend, and provided some entertainment for the other dogs.

On Wednesday I had one of the worst cold/flus ever. It hurt just to get out of bed. Fortunately, I've gotten over that (mostly).

This weekend, I finally admitted that gardening season is over. I rolled up the hoses, pulled out the dying plants and harvested the last of the tomatoes. Now I'm canning 11 pints of salsa.

I also went to the Weems ArtFest today, which is always fun. Although, I didn't buy any art. It's great to live in a place with so many artists.


  1. Olive? Thanks! That does look right! Isn't it hard to pull plants out of the ground? Even when they're fried fopr the year? Cute dogs. Love the trusty, gray beard. I have a geriatric cat with arthritis. Struggling with that one, too. See you Tue? It might be my last eve knitting wiht you guys... : (

  2. That Vixen (aka Pumpkin) is so photogenic! Sorry to hear about Wiley. It stinks when our pets get old:(