Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The big C

Cancer is always such an unwelcome surprise. I'm sick of cancer already, and I've never had it.

This gift I made for my father-in-law as he goes into surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor from his liver. Hopefully he'll enjoy watching lots of movies for the next few weeks while recuperating, and then he'll be back to normal.

I also want to encourage all female readers to join the Army of Women to support breast cancer research. The idea is to recruit one million volunteers for various research trials. I don't have one million readers, so you also have to ask your friends!

Here are some close-ups and details about the cross-stitch. The lettering was all stitched using fancy hand-dyed embroidery floss from A Different Drummer's going out of business sale. The purple/green stuff is made of silk as is the darker blue stuff on the first two lines. The turquoise floss in the middle is made of wool, and it was terrible to work with. It fuzzed up and pulled apart... how is it supposed to be used?

The bear came from a little pattern that I had, but I modified it a bit. Mostly the colors for the butterfly and the blanket thing he's sitting on.


  1. I'm with you on cancer. It really needs to go away! That's why we have wonderful people like Paula who are working on our behalf! YAY!!

    I love the cross stitch. Gorgeous!

  2. I completely agree that cancer completely sucks! I would really recommend you take advantage of the resources the American Cancer Society offers (not just saying that because I work for them - they really are cool resources) - you can visit www.cancer.org or call 1-800-ACS-2345 both places can give you good info and help.

  3. The cross-stitch turned out beautiful! What a thoughtful gift.