Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas crafts

Naturally, I have had plenty of time to work on crafts during my recuperation. One of the projects I picked up recently was a pre-printed fabric cowboy stocking kit from Hancock Fabrics. These two stockings will eventually be Christmas decorations hanging on the wall, because I have no need for more stockings. I am busy making them Christmas shiny with sequins, beads and stitching. Then I'll stuff them and sew them. There are also some smaller patterns with little cowboy boots, starts and holly that I may sew up and turn the whole assemblage into a cowboy-Christmas mobile. (I'm on a painfully slow and error-prone internet connection today, so you're lucky I was able to post at all, but no photos).

As of Thanksgiving, I am supposedly allowed to resume all activities including exercise. However, today I had such intense abdominal muscle pain that I had to take a Percocet (I tried ibuprofen first, but it just wasn't enough). I can already hear my Mom asking what crazy thing I did to overexert myself... well, I didn't climb a mountain, go skiing, or even go running... I swept the floors and vacuumed the living room.

According to the doctor, this muscle pain is perfectly normal. So she gave me an all-better diagnosis at my follow-up appointment this week. I guess I'm better, but I really can't jump into all of my usual activities yet. This leaves plenty of time for me to get more crafts done :)

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