Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More chile

I posted a couple of weeks ago about chile harvest season. We have since decided that we just didn't have enough chile, so we got another 40 pounds. I suspect that the first bag was less than 30 pounds and it didn't look like enough for all the sauce and salsa I wanted to make. Here's a rundown of the work that goes into processing 40 pounds of chile.
Hubbers has his peeling operation figured out
Roasted chiles in the bag before peeling
Peeled chiles (these were eaten as rellenos that night)
After peeling, I made 3 batches of green chile sauce from 4 pounds of chiles per batch. Then a batch of salsa (pdf of recipes from NMSU) from 3 pounds of chiles. The rest get ziplocked and frozen.

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  1. Yum. Kyle and I were lucky enough to find some green chilies being roasted at the grocery store right down the street from us. You better believe we bought some - I'm totally excited to get busy making stuff.