Friday, December 5, 2008

Turkey report

I finally moved the Turkey Day photos off the camera. We spent 5 days in Madison with Hubber's parents. As you can see, his dad is recovering quite well form surgery and was eager to dig into the turkey. You can always see more photos on Flickr.
Getting to Madison is at least a 20-hour drive. So we started it off by heading north on I-25, stopping in Colorado Springs to buy ski passes, and then having lunch in Denver at Hubber's grandma's house. We spent the night somewhere in Nebraska and finished off the drive the next day.

On the trip back, we took a more southerly route, picking up I-35 in Iowa. That took us straight south to Oklahoma City, where we spent the night with friends (actually, in Norman). I was rather brain-dead after the 13.5 hour drive, but we had a great dinner and settled down for an evening of football. The next day's drive would have been an easy 8-hour tour of the high plains, if it weren't for the nasty winds fighting against us. But we did make it back to NM in time to enjoy green chile cheeseburgers for dinner last Sunday.

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