Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Post spring break blues

For those of you non-grad students who may be jealous of people like me who have a spring break... Let me reassure you that there are time-related down-sides to being a student as well (you already know the financial downsides). I was up until nearly 3am finishing my stats homework last night. Of course, if I had not taken such a great spring break trip or 3-day weekend to Vegas the week before that... I could have avoided the late-night stats session.

Amazingly, I do not feel particularly tired today even though my usual bedtime is 10pm, not 3am. So I'll see some of you at SnB in a few minutes where I'll be working on this amazingly simple felted purse (pdf pattern) which is triangular. It looks cool (sorry I can't extract the picture of it from the pdf), but since it's just a big triangle my meager knitting skills are perfect for it. Maybe crocheting it together or making the strap or felting it will be tough.


  1. Crocheting might be a bit tough, but straps and felting are easy peasy! Felting is sooo much fun. Good luck!

  2. HA! I had no clue you were as exhausted as you said you were. Maybe it was the awesome knitting project you were doing that distracted me:) You're so fun!