Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Thanks to the city rebate program, we replaced our who-knows-how-many-decades-old toilet (with an estimated 7 gallons of water per flush) with a simple new toilet (1.6 gallons per flush). I really didn't know just how much water the old toilet was using, but I always knew that it took FOREVER to refill itself. It's one of those toilets that you check on several minutes later to see if jiggling the handle will make it stop... only to find out that it always takes that long to refill itself.

Now instead of flushing that extra 5.4 gallons of water, we can use it on sunflowers and tomatoes, YAY! Of course, the city has another rebate program for xeriscaping our yard, but that takes far too much planning. I prefer to do my home improvement piece-meal. Getting the xeriscape rebate requires an approved plan and a minimum of 500 square feet. Maybe I'll pull it off this fall.

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